What To Do In Morocco?

What To Do In Morocco?

In this article, I am going to be talking about all the amazing things you can do in Morocco. Morocco is a very beautiful country to explore. There are a lot of places to go but, I am sure you are wondering the exact places you should visit. You should certainly visit the unspoiled atlas mountains and the blue village as well. You are actually spoilt for choice, especially because it’s Morocco. You will have the best time exploring but, you should remember to plan ahead. You will also realise that you have some really amazing food to taste. Before I continue rambling about some really good things to do, you need to make sure that you have your passport and your plane ticket.

What To Do In Morocco?

1. Firstly, you should certainly explore Casablanca. Hands down, definitely one of my favourite sites in Casablanca has to be the city. It is very beautiful and breathtaking. If you are looking for some local leather goods, you should definitely visit Quartier habous.

2. One of the most amazing things about Fez is that it has a very thriving cultural scene and it is filled with artist galleries, amazing craft and a lot of history.

3. When you are there, you will definitely want to visit the Medina.

What To Do In Morocco?

4. You should definitely visit the blue village of Chefchaouen. This is a village that you have probably seen all over the internet. It happens to be one of the most iconic sites and also one of the best places to visit in Morocco. This town is very old and it has some really blue buildings indeed.

5. You should also walk through the desert. There are a lot of desert safaris that will take you deep into the desert and show you the dunes.

6. You should also explore the capital. It is parked right on the Atlantic Ocean and you should definitely go to Rabat. It is a town that actually has a lot to do. Since it is the capital, there are a lot of places that you can visit and also get some really good food.

What To Do In Morocco?

7. You should definitely take a hike in the Gorges of Dades. A lot of people have actually set up this is definitely one of the best things to do in Morocco. It is a place that is called by a river. If you are a geology buff, you will certainly love it. A lot of people absolutely love hiking here. Make sure that you go with a guide that can tell you what to do, because a lot of the terrain is very unfamiliar and very rocky indeed.

8. You will also realise that there are a lot of beautiful waterfalls that you should visit. It is not recommended that you swim here because the currents can be quite strong.

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